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Welcome to our properties page for the United States. We primarily are investing in the U.S. in the state of Texas only. Due to the very favorable price points and strong cash flow, it is hard to get these kinds of returns in other areas of the U.S. However as markets change so do our investing strategies.

Currently we have a lot of out of state investors such as California, Florida, Nevada, New York and others, looking in the Dallas / Fort Worth area for cash flow properties. If you have an interest in holding or rehabbing properties here feel free to make offers on the properties we have below. We can also assist you through our Network page with property managers, title companies, mortgage brokers, and hard money lenders that we work with.

Again, if any property is of interest, contact us via email with your offer and we can get back to you much sooner than we can by phone. Also check back often as our inventory changes regularly.

Jimmy Reed

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