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“The Hidden Treasures and Profits of Probate”

Have you noticed that deals are getting harder and harder to come by? The reason is that with the popularity of national gurus’ trainings everybody is learning basically the same ways to find deals. The little secret is that no matter which guru you buy your training from, you will probably end up in the same “fulfillment” training as everybody else. Knowing that these companies cycle through tens of thousands of students a year, it is no surprise that competition is tight for deals.

That is why we came up with this training program. We wanted to let the cat out of the bag for the real “secret” way to find deals. That way is through probate. Every year more than 2 million people will pass away in this country. That is not our guess—that is a fact from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). When you couple that with the fact that 70% of Americans die without a will, you can see that finding deals in the probate courts can be a HUGE opportunity for your business.

But here is something that you didn’t know: even if you die with a will, your estate will go through probate. That’s right, almost 100% of estates will cycle through the probate court system. Only those people who put their estate in an entity will avoid the probate court, but that portion is woefully small. Another fact to know is that 24% of all incoming cases to the court system are probate cases.

The real secret is knowing what to look for at the courthouse and how to market to the executors of the estates when you find them. That is where we come in. In our training, we take you step by step on how to find probate deals using detailed explanation and actual examples from the courthouse. We also give you a letter that we came up with over years of trial and error experimentation that regularly gets our phones ringing off the hook! And the best part is, we designed the training to be 100% meat and no fluff. That way you can be up and running within a few hours, not a few weeks.

To make money in real estate you need an advantage over your competition!

So why not just eliminate them!

Authors Brandon Lambert and Jimmy Reed

have a combined real estate history of over 30+ years.

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