DFW Real Estate Mentoring Program

1 Year Mentoring Programs for Dallas/Fort Worth Only!

Wholesale Real Estate, Probate Real Estate, and Becoming Debt Free!

All are covered in 2 of our local in Field Platinum & Mentor Programs for those of you in the DFW area. Both of the Programs have you go in the field with Jimmy for 1 Year. We offer these training’s through the DFW Real Estate Club “1REclub.com”  The First Program is the “Platinum Program” and the other is the “Mentor/Diamond Program”

Platinum Program

everything listed in the brochure

Total of infields sessions with Jimmy

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The Mentor/Diamond Program

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Platinum items plus extras listed

Total of 9 infields sessions with Jimmy.

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These 2 are for the Dallas / Fort Worth Area Only!

If you Live outside the area you can take this training but must drive or fly in for the infield training days.

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