Jimmy Reed has been investing in real estate since the late 80’s. He started out Wholesaling to local Investors in Fort Worth, TX. After a short time he created a database of local investors that he supplied Wholesale real estate investment properties to. Along the way he started supplying out of state investors who had heard about these incredible real estate investment deals with inventory of their own. He began finding Wholesale Real Estate Deals for these out of state Investors who had a desire to hold properties long term and yet still have a positive Cash Flow, not your average Dallas/Fort Worth investor’s goals especially at that time when most investors specialized in Buy, Fix, and Sell strategies.

Well, he soon became so busy that by 1991 Jimmy started teaching other local investors how to do what he was doing. He started a Wholesale Real Estate / Real Estate Mentor training class so they in return could help supply him with more inventories for his clients. Through the years he added specialty fields such as Probate Real Estate, Online Real Estate Training’s Costa Rica & Panama Training and Real Estate Investing courses.

In 1997 he was asked to start teaching for a National Real Estate Training company, which was teaching new and seasoned investors the In’s and Out’s of Real Estate Investing. He helped create a Wholesale Real Estate Training and Real Estate Mentor Program for them. This company fulfilled training’s for Guru’s such as Whitney, Kiyosaki, Trump, and others.

Forward to today and Jimmy’s company currently is still teaching, buying, selling, and holding real estate. He has Authored books such as “No Fear Real Estate” along with “Financial Achievement Inspired Through Him” Know as the FAITH book for Finances. Latest works are “Sowing Seed to Succeed

He was also one of the co founders of two DFW Real Estate Clubs, “REIO” which was designed to help new and seasoned investors to be able to Network and do more deals in an open form environment. As of 2014 he took that concept and went further and started the NEW www.1REClub.com real estate club for those who are serious about succeeding in real estate. This DFW Real Estate Club has some of the finest local real estate investors in the area attending each month. New and Seasoned Investors are welcome. It is the 1 DFW Real Estate Club to get all you need from Networking, Deals, Real  Estate Training’s, and more!

Along with all of the above Jimmy and his wife, along with their two children have been involved in many areas of their church such as Financial Trainers and even Youth leaders. These opportunities have truly changed their lives and have moved Jimmy to where he is now with his latest goal “Debt Free & Stewardship training”. This training is designed more on the basis of generating extra income to reduce debt using real estate or any business to accomplish it. You can learn more about this online real estate training/debt free video training by signing up on his web page. This training is truly the basis for how he does business today.

In closing Jimmy would like to express that he Love’s Real Estate Investing, and would like you and your friends to experience it with him.

The possibilities are endless!
Jimmy Reed