The Network

Our Network page was designed to help you get the right team for success. On the referrals page is the team we use for our business and they are willing to help you with your business needs. Several of them are Sponsors of the Fort Worth Real Estate Club. The Club is Fort Worth’s Premier Real Estate Club. This DFW Real Estate Club is for New & Seasoned Investors. Let the Vendors know we referred you so they can give you the best possible deal. In my 25+ years of real estate investing the one thing I know you need to succeed is a strong Network. These are the folks I use and they have always done a fantastic job for us.

Also check out the Fort Worth Real Estate Club page. This is our new club 1REClub it is designed to be Dallas/Fort Worth’s 1 stop shopping club. We have deals, experts, real estate training’s, and much more at each meeting. Our goal was to create an environment where Investors “New or Seasoned” could show up and build a Network for success. If you have a real estate club in your area you need to be at every meeting every time. It is the fastest and easiest way to kick start you investment career, or improve the one you have.