Fast Track to Wholesale Real Estate Investing

“Fast Track to Wholesaling”

Make Money in Real Estate

Even if You’re Dead Broke!

Wholesale Real Estate, the bread & butter of basic real estate Investing. This is how I got started in the late 80’s Investing without any money. I actually called it “Garage Sale Real Estate”. What it is is finding deals and then selling those deals to Investors who have CASH!

I would get paid by selling my contracts or using a Double Close Technique to sell the property I had under contract to an investor who needed a deal. They actually supply the full Cash amount on my purchase contract plus the fee I was offering it to them for. The difference of my purchase price and the price the Investor agreed to pay would be my profit.

It was like going to a Garage Sale finding a deal but forgetting to bring my wallet. So I would have the Seller hold the item until I could go get the cash. In real estate the cash came from my end user the Investor who had Cash and needed a Deal, Voila Garage Sale Real Estate!

Now you to can learn how EASY it is to make money in real estate even if you’re dead broke. Our training material has been and is still used by some of the nation’s largest training companies and real estate Gurus. But now you can have our training material for the low price of;

$3,500.00 for the Live 3 day training course. (20+ Hours of Training Live)

Live Classes are held in Fort Worth, TX   – Las Vegas & Other Locations

The 3 Day Training Course Covers:

Investor Profile Sheet
3 Steps to CASH $
Wholesaling and Why?
Property Types (Inventory)
Area Types (Location)
How We Buy – Cash or Terms
How to Get the Seller to Accept Our Price – Rules for Motivated Sellers
The Conversation (a.k.a. Negotiations)
Finding Deals the Traditional Way and The Way the Pros Do It
ample I Buy – Ads, Flyers, Signs, and Post Cards
Filling out Contracts & “Subject to Clause”
Vacant’s – How to Find, Track, and Buy
Assignments & Double Closings
Bus Tour Day 2 (We go in the field)
Assignment Contract for you to use
What If I need CASH?
Exit Strategy – Running the Numbers
30 Days to CASH!
And Much, Much, More!

*We Also have our 1 Day Mini-Wholesale Real Estate Training  Online. This training includes E Book, Docs, Forms & Video links with Power Point only $798

Online Class is Item #4 on Our Shopping Cart

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Here are some Pix from LIVE Wholesale Classes


Here’s an Old Video of a Wholesale Class