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LIVE EVENT is in Fort Worth, TX. Details & Dates at the Bottom of this page.

This 3 day training event is unlike any that I know of.

Day 1 we do our Mini-Wholesale Real Estate Training,

Day 2 we do Probate Real Estate, the best way to find deals! Then

Day 3 we do Becoming Debt Free!

This event is limited to 40 students. The training is from 9 am to 5 maybe 6 pm, however long it takes! in Fort Worth, Tx. Sign up on our shopping cart or at the bottom of this page before the price goes up.

Here is some of what is covered in each of the Training’s.

Wholesale Class Covers:

Investor Profile Sheet

Finding Deals – Review

3 Steps to $ CASH $

Property Types (Inventory)

Area Types (Location)

How We Buy – Cash or Terms

Finding Deals – The Traditional Way

Finding Deals – The Way the Pros Do It

Sample I BUY –Ads, Flyers, Signs, and Post Cards

Internet, Social Media, Facebook, and YouTube Marketing

Vacant’s- The Ultimate Inventory

Tracking the owners of Vacant Properties

Filling out Contracts & Subject To Clause

Assignment or Double Close?

Probate Class Covers:

Application—The document filed at the courthouse to initiate the probate process.

Beneficiaries—A broad term that describes any person or entity that may receive proceeds from an estate.

Decedent—The person who has passed away.

Executor/Executrix—The person designated to administer the estate. This is the person who makes the decision on what to sell, how much to sell it for, and how to distribute the assets according to the will.  Executor = male; Executrix = female.

Guardian—The person designated to administer the estate when no executor or personal administrator has been assigned either by will or by court.

Heirs—Specific persons listed in the will that are to receive assets from an estate.  These are usually relatives of the deceased, but can be anyone that the decedent listed.

Intestate—The term used to describe an estate left by a decedent who died without a will.

Intestate Succession—The methods by which assets are passed to the heirs when someone dies intestate.  Each state has laws that determine how the assets will be distributed based on a hierarchy of heirs.  All fifty states have such laws on the books. In other words, if you die without a will, the state will make one for you.

Inventory—Document filed at the Probate court that lists all of the assets of value to be distributed according to the will.

Original Will—Original documentation written by the decedent prior to death that explains how his or her assets are to be divided among the beneficiaries and heirs listed in the will.

(An average 70% of Americans do not have a will.)

Personal Administrator—Can often be used to mean the same thing as executor, but more often is the term used for a court appointed person, such as an attorney, to carry out the duties of an Executor if there is no will.

And this is just the terms! Wait till you see how to get some great hidden real estate deals!

Becoming Debt Free Covers:

How to create Extra Income

How to Compound your Return on Investment

Sowing Seed to reap a Harvest

Reducing you expenses

Our Purpose / Gifts & Talents


Spiritual Laws of Wealth

God’s Will for Us (Read the Scriptures & See How the Spirit Speaks to You)

Personal Financial Statements / Monthly Budgets / Financial Goals

God, Church, the Marketplace / Tithe & Giving

Speaking Blessing into Existence

Investing & New or Improved Businesses

Action Plan

Each of these classes covers much more than the items listed above!

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All the Above and More! All Materials are in PDF Format with Downloadable Documents, Forms, Marketing Pieces, and More. Plus Video of all 3 Classes (Wholesale, Probate, and Debt Free) Recorded LIVE to watch as Often as You Like!

*Price for LIVE Class is $2997 Right now $1,497.00  for 1 person.

*You can also get this as an Online Real Estate Training Package of all 3 training’s as down-loadable Video’s to watch! Price for online real estate training is $1,297 on our Shopping Cart. ONLINE SPECIAL is called “3 Training’s to Wealth” Includes 6 months coaching with Jimmy , And More. Details at the bottom of this page.

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