Here is some of the feedback from former students and investors.

                                                           Larry & Petra

                                                               Kendal G.

                                                                 Bob V.
Dear Jimmy,
Calvin and I are having a great time writing RE offers and even getting a few of them accepted. We are in the process of closing our first deal (that we tried to assign) on Aug. 20th. Though we live in WA State, I was in Yuma, AZ for two weeks, with my goal to pay for the trip by selling a RE assignment.Within one week we had an offer on a repossessed mobile (with lot) for $43K which was accepted. A few days later we found a buyer for $46,5K and the plan was to assign the deal.
*********************************************************************************** $10,000.00 ck Lorena from Houston
1st Deal Out!
Connie – TX
Debby and I sure did enjoy the camp! We picked up a great deal of knowledge
and information from you that we are already putting into place. IT WAS
GREAT! You may not remember, but I was trying to get a contract on a home
while we were in class. We were successful and have other investors looking
at it right now for a flip. It did cause me to miss 1 part of the class
that I didn’t want to miss, but my wife has got me up to speed on it. I was
wanting to know where you get most of your printing done on your cards and
signs. This may help me save time in knowing where to look for the best
price. If you do have the time, please drop me a line and let me know.
Most of all we want to thank you for your time and help in our new
endeavor. Keep on flipping!
El Reno,
Brandon Lambert
Jimmy and Brandon,

Last Thursday I purchased your training manual, “The Hidden Treasures and Profits of Probate”. I just want to let you guys know I’m extremely pleased with that decision and am very excited about applying my newly acquired knowledge to finding new DEALS.

I’ve been investing in real estate for a number of years (part time) and was able to move to fulltime investing last year. I’ve been looking for another method to help me beat the competition to finding DEALS. Jimmy, having realized immediate success after completing your wholesale class several years ago, I decided to purchase the probate manual with similar expectations.

I was happy to find the manual was very easy to read and understand! It took me only three hours to go through the material. The content is “a quick read” and to the point. I now have a good understanding of what probate is, I understand key terms, and I have an excellent blue print or map for finding and closing probate DEALS.



P.S. Thanks for your good works! (Pgs 43/44)

I’m working on my mission, too.




July 18, 2009
I just wanted to let you know, how much I appreciated the info and demeanor and attitude for those having to sit and listen to learn and take in all that you were giving to us.
I’ve been in and around a lot of workshops, seminars and group meetings and guest speakers, etc. as I’m 60 years old, but I have to rank what you did and what you told us and how you presented it to those attending, at the top of the bunch, who I have listened to since the late 90s.
And THIS was ONLY Wholesaling, for crying out loud. What ELSE do you know, that you have been successfully doing, for crying out loud, mercy sakes alive, fellow…:-)
Sign me UP for then NEXT AFTER Saturday bird-dogging outing, as I’m OUT OF TOWN THIS COMING WEEKEND, but I’m BACK the NEXT SATURDAY, for sure and wanting to hit the street, to see what nuggets of GOLD (CASH IS KING) to Ka-Ching!!!..:-)
Thanks, Jimmy..
with humble respect,
Harold W.


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