Debt Free/ Stewardship

Become Debt FREE Using Biblical Principles, and Real Estate or Any Business to Get You on Your Way to Changing Your Life! And Get it All Started in 30 Days!!!

When creating this training I wanted to show folks how I did it. I wanted to show how to become Debt Free without all the cutting up of the credit cards, and calculating how much mustard I could put on a sandwich. I wanted to show that by focusing on God and getting right with Him and following scripture that anyone could become free from the bondage of Debt.

We want to teach them how to change their mindset from “it’s mine” to “it’s His!” And most of all how to get us back to Tithing! If we are not tithing we are not going to be blessed! In fact we are actually robbing God!

Our goal is to take you from being in Debt to actively increasing your Income and Investing that Income to create generational wealth. Scripture says “it is a good man who leaves an inheritance for his children’s children”. So if you would like to change your life then make the commitment to do so. Below is what we cover in this 9 hour training. So make it happen all you need is FAITH!

Debt Free / Stewardship Training Covers:

Section 1 Our Purpose / Gifts & Talents
Section 2 Economics
Section 3 God’s Will For Us (Read The Scriptures & See How the Spirit Speaks to You)
Section 4 Personal Financial Statements, Monthly Budgets / Financial Goals
Section 5 Debt Reduction List / Schedule
Section 6 Budget Goals
Section 7 Work
Section 8 Family Influence
Section 9 God, Church, the Marketplace / Tithe & Giving
Section 10 Investing & New or Improved Businesses
Section 11 Putting It All Into Perspective
Section 12 Action Plan (30 day)

$$ Be Prepared To Do Something Extraordinary $$

All It Takes Is Your Mind!

Romans 12:2
Do Not Conform Any Longer To the Pattern of This World,
But Be Transformed By the Renewing Of Your Mind.

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