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3 Day Real Estate Investing Bus Training/Tour

(No dates scheduled)

This is a 1 day in class real estate training on Buy, Rent, & Holding Long Term or Retailing the properties we will be looking at on Day 2 & 3. One day in class Two day’s in the field buying CASH FLOW Real Estate Properties.

This 3 Day Real Estate Training is for those who have had real estate training’s but still need to get paid! This is for the Investor/Student who wants to do deals and not just Dream about it. We will help you in this training to raise money to buy property, or help you to do joint ventures, syndications, whatever you need to get some DEALS!

3 Days with Jimmy & Gina in markets that have Cash Flow, Appreciation, and Equity! This Training is for those who are serious about Investing!

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Price is $2,495.00  per person. Includes 1 Guest Free


Next 1REClub Event is – Bus Tour

(October 29, 2022)

Below are Single Ticket Prices! Order before they GO up in Price!

Price is $179 for 1 person & $279 for 2 people, BUT!! Check this deal includes lunch!

  • SPECIAL are created when trip is Scheduled
  • $179 per person when you enroll before October 29, 2022
  • $279 per person when you enroll after October 29, 2022
  • All Single (1 person)Tickets Check Item #10 on Shopping Cart
  • All Double (2 people) Check Items #11 on Shopping Cart for price.

                     Prices going up as scheduled;

                     Oct 15th Single $199  Double $299

                     Oct 22nd Single $225  Double $325

                     Oct 25th Single $275  Double $375

                      No sales after 7 pm October 28th

This Bus Trip Includes Lunch!!!

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Here are some Pix from Bus Training Tours!