How to become a real estate Investor! This is one of our top priorities at Real Estate Equity Development.The company was formed for the purpose of taking anyone with the passion to succeed in business and have what we call a “3% percent-er” attitude. Over the years we have trained thousands and thousands of folks to become successful real estate investors. I started back in 1990 locally teaching a one on one Real Estate Mentor type training to friends who wanted to get into real estate investing. Eventually I started teaching a group of folks on the weekend using our title company as the classroom. I would take the students through about 9 hours of real estate training including a few hours in the field.

A few years later I was approached by a National training company to teach and help create a Wholesale Real Estate and Real Estate Mentor programs for them. It soon became one of the top training companies in the world. After many successful years of helping their students succeed I left the company to go back to teaching for my company. My goal was to provide 1 -3 day affordable training’s. The national companies have to charge $3 -4,000.00 per class. I knew I could get my real estate training’s down to a much more affordable price and even a better quality then they could. In fact many of these companies now push for online training’s to save students money, so we also have made our online real estate training classes available for our students. We even have a FREE Online Real Estate Training for joining our Network.

Our real estate training’s are designed to get you in the Market Place! We train you and show you how to get up and running in days not months. We help you to create a successful Network and a step by step plan to succeed. No matter what your level of knowledge is we can help you get to the next level. Make sure to check out all our real estate training’s including our real estate training “Debt Free / Stewardship”: this is the training that shows you how you do things right in business and life. I believe when you are serving God and managing his properties/business correctly, He will bless you with more!

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