Private Island Rental

Package 1 $1,800.00

7 days 6 nights stay on this ¾ acre Private Island which sleeps and accommodates 6 guests.

Included is the house which is divided into 2 sections, the front master house and the back master suite. The master suite has a king size bed and full bath with shower only. The main house has a full size bed and a set of twin bunk beds. There is also a full bath with a shower only. Our Team picks you up at the airport and transports you to our boat which takes you (25 minutes) to the island.

Adam & Nick are at your service for the next 7 days to insure you have fun and relaxation. They actually stay at the island in a caretakers’ shack. They are there to maintain the operating systems while you enjoy your stay.

The island is a totally Green island with solar power and back up diesel powered generator. We have water capture systems for shower and drinking water (bottled water can be purchased in town before you head to the island). We also use organic commodes on the island, and several fans in the sleeping rooms are provided to keep a nice breeze going.

Enchanted Island is designed to get away from it all, no TV, Phones (cell phones do pick up signals). While on the island you can relax and read a book out in a hammock on the dock, or go snorkeling. Some folks do bring there own portable DVD Players, but again the experience away from it all is amazing. You can really get a lot of quality time with one another, catch up on some reading or just have a phenomenal Quiet time with God.

This package does not include food or drinks but you can purchase them in town before you go to the island. Nick & Adam will show you how to use the stove and other appliances, such as the coffee machine and microwave. We have a stainless steel refrigerator and stove in the kitchen, the stove has 5 burners for cooking.

To get to Bocas Del Toro Panama we suggest you fly into Panama City, and then take a 45 minute to 1 hour cab ride to the domestic airport that has flights to various locations in Panama. We suggest you fly Air Panama to Bocas Del Toro which is about a 1hour flight. There are other airlines that fly to Bocas and we can give you those upon request. Bocas Del Toro flight are generally one every other day from Panama City; so it may be necessary to stay 1 night in Panama City, depending on your arrival time to Panama. We suggest early flights from the USA to Panama if you want to avoid any overnight stays in Panama City.

Once our team meets you in Bocas Del Toro you may want to shop before going to the island. This package does not include taking trips into Bocas Town. If you would like to have them take you into town the cost for gas and time per round trip is $75.00 and payable to them. All returns to the island MUST be before dusk for safety purposes.

Package 2 $2,500.00 for 2 guests $2,800.00 for 4 guests $3,000.00 for 6 guests

Same as above except our team prepares 3 meals a day for you on the island. This package requires us to send you a list of meals that we can prepare on the island for you. This package includes the 3 meals and drinks per day but does not include alcoholic beverages. You can purchase those upon arrival in town if desired.

For booking call 817-731-0120 or email us at Full payment must be wired 45 days before arrival. ***Once you have booked a date wiring instructions will be sent via email.***