Free Debt Free/Stewardship Training Videos

Read Before Playing

To Download the video’s, Right Click on the link you want and then Save As to a target location. It takes about 20 miniutes per link since they are HD.  Once you have downloade you may view. Most of all remember TIME is your most valuable Asset, With the book you will same TIME! You can get it Now just click on the link Purchase Debt Free Book 



Video 1 – Section 1 Our Purpose / Gifts & Talents

Video 2 – Section 2 Economics

Video 3 – Section 3 God’s Will For Us

Video 4 – Section 4 Personal Financial Statements

Video 5 – Section 5 Dept Reduction List/Schedule

Video 6 – Section 6 Budget Goals

Video 7 – Section 7 Work

Video 8 – Section 8 Family Influence

Video 9 – Section 9 God, Church, the Marketplace / Tithe & Giving

Video 10 – Section 10 Investing & New or Improved Business

Video 11 – Section 11 Putting It All Into Perspective

Video 12 – Section 12 Action Plan

Bonus Video

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